So I’ve struggled for a long time about sharing my personal music with my porn fans. Once I actually got good, got signed, and had to promise not to, i decided to make an entirely new DJ persona to show you guys the music I make and play, give out some remixes that I can’t with my label, and prove to promoters we work with that I’m serious about this whole music thing.

Anywho, below is my first “Crush Cast.” It’s my more clubby, vocal oriented music that I save for Clubs that like that sort of thing. There’s a lot of Electrohouse and a little bit of Trap & Dubstep. In future mixes you might hear some Moombahton, Electro/Hip-hop, and even Drum & Bass. Let me know what you think and tracks you’d like to hear remixes. I produce with Logic 9 and love to mix stuff I can find good stems for.

Download and Enjoy!