contestlogo’s Search for the Next Boycrush Exclusive

Starting on November 5th 2011 and ending one month later on the 5th of December, Boycrush studios will be searching for the next big twink star. Join the ranks of Felix Russo, Ashton Cody, Kyler Moss, and Ryan Sharp to be the next exclusive model to film for Boycrush and Phoenixxx Studios. No experience is necessary. Simply follow the directions below to enter.

To Enter:

- You must be 18 years old before November 5th
- You must have a desire to model in pornographic films for and
- You must submit at least 4 fully nude photos of yourself (headshot, full back, full front, dick)
- You must be an American citizen and possess a passport, ID, birth certificate, or drivers license
- You must fill out and submit the required paperwork as well as a scan of your ID (2257 Form, Model Release, and Bio)
- You must submit a 5 minute casting tape before December 5th


How to Submit your 5 minute casting tape:

Send/Upload your 5 minute casting video to:, or upload to any free adult video hosting website such as rockettube, xtube, etc. If you send it via email, please put “I Want to Be the Next Boycrush Exclusive” in the subject line.

If you submit your video over the internet, you can use a file transfer website such as or to send me your video (or any other file/video hosting website.) If you have issues submitting your video, would like to submit your video via snail mail, or have any questions, please feel free to email me at or contact me on instant messenger (AOL: andykaybc, YAHOO: during 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, Mountain Time.

Most importantly, you will be able to download the 2257 form and Boycrush Model Release from the Boycrush blog ( and from my personal blog ( We need a copy of your ID as well as both of these forms filled out before we can review your video. These documents need to be physically SIGNED and scanned, not signed in MS Paint. Any videos that are not submitted with those forms will be thrown out. Also attached is a bio form that will give us some basic information about yourself. Filling it out is not mandatory but will help us (and your potential fans) get some more information about you.


Casting Video Tips

1. Do NOT have the “Auto-Focus”
feature on. This can cause your image to be blurred. Do NOT shoot without good lighting. Make sure you have natural light (sunlight) or a bright lamp pointed at you, NOT behind you.

2. Do NOT have music or noise in the background. Make sure that you are in a quiet place when you record. Make sure we can see and hear you clearly. We can’t pick you if we can see/hear you.

3. Follow all US sex laws. This means we don’t want to see any scat, any animals on camera, etc. Also, please make sure that you are the only one shown in the video. Someone can help you film it but you should be the only one we can see or hear. If you have a question of what is and is not ok, please feel free to ask.

3. Be creative. This 5 minutes is all we’ll have to get to know you. Tell us a story, talk about yourself, put on a show, show off some special skills (sexual or otherwise); do whatever you think will get our attention and show us why you think you’d make a great Boycrush exclusive.

Once the window to submit your videos is over, members of our staff will review the videos. The top 3 submissions will be flown out on an all expense paid trip to our studio in Phoenix, AZ to take part in a shoot week for Boycrush Studios. During this shoot week, you will take part in scenes for all of our websites as a normal Boycrush model and will be paid accordingly. At the end of the week, all models will return home. The winner will be announced the following week on our blog and will return to Pheonix in the following months to start his porn career as the next Boycrush exclusive!

The winner will receive:
-An exclusive contract with Boycrush and Phoenixxx Studios (and all the percs that come with it)
-A Feature on a Phoenixxx or Boycrush DVD cover for one of our upcoming titles
-Lifetime memberships to all of our websites
-The opportunity to participate in all-expense-paid trips to our yearly Pride, and promotional club events

Thanks and may the best twink win!

Andy Kay
Production Manager/Director
Boycrush/Phoenixxx Studios

Click on this link to download the contest information and all required forms: Contest Info and Forms (if you have trouble with that link, please email me and I’ll send you the contest information and forms directly). [Backup Link]