This is a two part post; it was originally only going to be about our upcoming Phoenix Pride booth but I feel like I need to come out with an official statement on another Boycrush Studios matter. By now, all of you have probably heard about our upcoming DVD: “Bus Stop Boys.” In this DVD, I dress up like a city bus driver and pick up cute boys to film in the back of the bus. We didn’t use a city bus for this because, frankly, the only bus we could find to rent on such short notice was one that my friend uses to transport equipment (we didn’t want to go all “bait bus” with it and use a big white molester van.) I’ve heard flack from our two real remaining competitors and a few fans saying that we need to stop making our guys look underage. I call BS on that. None of the guys in this DVD wear backpacks or carry lunch boxes and we never once insinuate that they are underage or are coming home from school. The one time we do pick someone (Roxy Red) up from what we say is a school zone, we specify that it’s a college.img_23562 The whole idea is really hypocritical. Companies with titles that depict “barely legal” boys at camp, call them “jail bait” or have an entire twink academy line have no room to talk. Now I’m not saying that we don’t do the same thing in our own way, but if you’re a concerned fan, don’t think for a second that these boys don’t know that they’re doing. If you ever get a chance to meet Kyler Moss, you’ll know instantly that the boy was made for porn. He loves every second he’s on camera, he’s of legal age, and he’s incredibly cute. Other studios would say not to shoot him because he looks young but I wouldn’t tell this kid he can’t have a porn career because he’s 5′5″ and doesn’t have old enough looks. Those are the same studios that think a boy that’s 160lbs of muscle is twinky. The whole concept that there is a problem here is so juvenile. That’s the last thing I’m going to say about that. The response I’ve gotten already is enormous and it’s gearing up to be a bigger seller than Twinkblood (and that’s saying something.) This DVD should be released in the next month or so and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Any other flack I hear is just going to be chalked up to jealousy.screen-shot-2011-04-14-at-14807-pm Ok, now on to Pride. We’re sponsoring the event this year and have a big double booth next to the stage so feel free to stop by. We have our annual DVD sale (1 for $20 or Buy 2 get 1 free), you can meet and get photos taken with models like Ashton Cody, Miles Pride, Timo Garrett, Nathan Stratus, myself, and many more, and get some free Boycrush swag. I’ll also be promoting and handing out fliers for a one month free membership to the site. That is an exclusive Pride offer but if you order a DVD from our store this month you might also find that offer inside.