Dewayne interviewed me on the subject of testing once again. The you can read it here. Mad props to Dewayne for his support. I’m just going to say this once just because I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of flack from it, (Anyone who tries to stir the pot a little does, I can’t oppose people and think I wont) but honestly I don’t need rambling arguments from people who no longer have any say in the industry or from those that just don’t understand. I’ve never once been confronted by a director or model from a company I’m challenging with the things I say, it’s always people who really just don’t matter. In any case, my policies and beliefs aren’t going to change. What we do at our company has worked for a long time and will continue to work as we start new sites and help our business grow in the coming year. A few people have taken my arguments as a way to force bareback porn on people, I’d never do that. If trying to make this industry a safer and more educated place for models is so wrong, then I can’t imagine what is right.