So I need to speak my mind on this subject because of how damaging it’s becoming to the gay industry’s reputation. Honestly, maybe it’s good that the gay industry is getting blamed because maybe now they’ll realize that being a condom nazi doesn’t save your rep when models still come up positive. I’m of course talking about Patient Zeta (Derrick Burts/Cameron Reid/Derek Chambers) who recently came out as the positive model who claims to have contracted HIV on a gay porn set. What’s incredibly “interesting” to me is that this boy was apparently widely known to be an escort and his alleged, recently deleted Rentboy account stated that he was “AIM Tested.” I’d imagine that escorts who label themselves as tested are also labeling themselves as safe to engage in bareback sex with, but then again, I’m not an expert on the escorting subject. The other thing that is “interesting” about this story is that Derek also stated that the set in Florida he contracted HIV on used condoms, but not during oral sex. The US Department of Veteran Affairs doesn’t rule out that possibility when it discusses the subject of HIV transmission through oral sex but it does say that “The risk of getting HIV through receiving oral sex is very, very low.” AIM Healthcare last month announced Patient Zeta had contracted HIV “through private, personal activity,” which he disputes, “That’s completely false. There is no possible way. The only person I had sex with in my personal life was my girlfriend (JC Adams, Gay Porn Times).” His Rentboy account would have been easy proof against this if it did in fact once exist, but of course it no longer does. It doesn’t take an intelligent person to realize that such an account would put huge holes in his story.


So what’s more likely: The boy never had sex off camera besides with his girlfriend (even though AIM Healthcare thinks otherwise) and contracted HIV through the very unrealistic option of oral sex OR he was an “AIM Tested” Rentboy who probably wasn’t as careful as he should have been just like much of the gay community?

The answer honestly doesn’t matter. It sucks that the only thing this boy and many other industry workers are focusing on is who is to blame instead of what should be done differently to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Obviously, testing is important. If he hadn’t been tested no one would have known he was positive and he could have done many more shoots putting people at risk (including his gf who continues to test negative and is also a porn industry worker). If he did actually become positive through oral sex then it only proves that testing before shoots is important. No one wants to watch a condom blowjob and if you can contract HIV while doing one then you better make sure your partner is clean. It’s so plain and simple; it’s almost dumbfounding that people still think condoms are the answer to this problem.


I wanted to take this opportunity to talk a little about Boycrush Studios’ testing policy. I’ve worked at a lot of different studios and don’t know any who go to the lengths we do. Each of our models is full panel tested for HIV and STDs before they shoot. We keep these tests current and if there is any question to whether a boy needs to be tested again the answer is always yes. We also get new models a PCR DNA test which lets us know if the model is positive in up to a few days after contraction. We are doing absolutely everything we can to keep our boys safe and in the last eight years Boycrush has never had anyone contract anything on our sets. I’ve unfortunately had to be at the AIM testing facility on a few occasions where new models tested positive the day of their shoots and didn’t know previously. The first time this happened the boy was scheduled to shoot with ME that day. If we hadn’t gotten him tested, that shoot could have been the cause of me contracting HIV. When I think of all the bullshit I’ve heard since I started in this industry about condoms and their solidarity, it infuriates me. The terrible safe sex policies of some go hand in hand with the people who think yelling the same three words over an over again makes a good, informative PSA. It’s seriously time to step up. If you’re a fan, message the studio you have a subscription to and see what they’re doing to keep their models safe. If you’re a model, talk to your director before you shoot. If you’re a director, make the right choice. Do what you can. Who knows, you could be saving someone just like Derek.

UPDATE: At a press conference this morning, Derek changed his story. He says he now thinks that he got HIV when a model ejaculated on his back and it leaked into his anus. I mean, who’s never had that happen right? This story is almost less unlikely as the oral sex story, but I guess the “almost” part is what really counts. It still doesn’t change the fact that Derek is using this story to try to promote industry condom use and saying nothing about testing when the scene he was filming already was using condoms. See the above paragraph, my stance doesn’t change. Also, someone sent me a screenshot of that Rentboy profile for Derek Chambers that may or may not have existed. Looks like you can ignore the word “alleged,” lol.