So I got a ton of housework done. The “before” photo is the only one I could find that was before I bought it. It definitely didn’t have any grass when I moved in. Anyways, the front of the house is finally done and it’s time to move to my backyard and start making it look less like part of the desert.
And After
I’m going to be finishing my Andy Kay tryouts DVD in the next few weeks with a new model and then that will be up for sale everywhere. It will still be eventually available through the realtouch, they’re just really backed up on videos. I imagine it takes a while to recode all that. Either way, here’s a pic, enjoy your week.
Oh, and for today’s track, this is definitely the best song I’ve heard come out in months when it comes to top 40. Kinda sounds like something that came 30 or 40 years late, but hey, the guys a pimp. Let’s see if he can pump out another hit.

Aaaand the remix: