October 14, 2010 (Phoenix, AZ) – Boycrush Studios is proud to announce the release of its newest cream filled-thrill ride, Nightmare on Twink Street, just in time for Halloween. The production takes bondage action to a whole new level while exploring every fetish the Boycrush staff could think of. An official DVD release party will be held at Forbidden Night Club at 6820 E 5th Ave Scottsdale, AZ 85251on October 28th in Scottsdale, AZ from 9pm to 2am with DJ performances from Andy Kay and DJ Red. The entire cast will be present, signing autographs and taking professional red carpet photos.

Nightmare on Twink Street

In the early 1900’s, a gay man named Freddy lived with his male lover near Elm Street in the American Southwest. After finding about this couple’s elopement, an unforgiving and radical community captured and tortured Freddy’s lover. Freddy was able to set him free but was hung in the woods after being captured himself. Years after his death, the children and grandchildren of the townspeople experience terrifying nightmares involving a man who takes his sexually driven revenge on his innocent and often virginal victims. Now, Dean Holland along with his friends, Jordan Ashton, Nathan Stratus, Roxy Red, and Ashton Cody are being haunted by the ghost of Freddy in their dreams. When each one begins to experience intense sexual nightmares that continue to increase violently, Dean and his friends realize they must find a way to stop the psychopath’s reign of terror - or never sleep safe again.

Parodying the infamous series with nearly the same name; Nightmare on Twink Street is the perfect mix of hot sex and intense bondage action with classic horror flick undertones. Relive this classic in the hottest way possible; check out Nightmare on Twink Street, available now from store.boycrush.com.

Bryan Kenny (Director) – “I’ve always been a huge fan of horror/slasher movies and after the overwhelming success of “Twinkblood” last year, I decided to put together another for this Halloween. This film, in terms of special effects, soundtrack, and overall realism is our best yet and I hope our fans are ready for what we come up with next.”

Andy Kay (Production Manager) – “This film was a huge challenge for me due to its large cast, complex storyline, and suspense and action sequences which often needed additives like special effects and original music on a much greater scale than normal. Without the amazing performers showcased in this movie, this definitely would not have been possible. Overall, I think our tribute to the slasher movie genre was a huge success and I hope you enjoy watching it.”

Script by Angel Kelly

Edited and Co-Directed by Andy Kay

Directed by Bryan Kenny


Ryan Conners as Freddy

Dean Holland

Ashton Cody

Nathan Stratus

Jordan Ashton

Roxie Red

Chad Hollywood

Lexx Jammer

Patrick Kennedy

The official trailer can be viewed online here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYTavjdJKLk. You can also download the XXX and “R” rated trailers here: http://www.mediafire.com/?2ci4mcq7o4b9uby