Soo, I’m sure you will read and hear lots about the awards show from other blogs so I won’t say more than thanks to JRL for the nominations although we didn’t get any wins and Twinkblood’s Bareback nomination was a little off since it was definitely an all condom film. In any case, I totally understand how hard it is to start a show like that and if it happens next year I’m sure it will be infinitely better. I’ll be amazed if it’s more entertaining however. Anyway, here’s some photos from the trip as well as a short clip of me presenting an award (I presented several totally on the fly).



The show itself started with a pretty fabulous Gaga cover. I totally remember the Thexis shoot where Angel Benton started the Pornorazzi thing and it was fun seeing it portrayed in song.
Later we’d hear from one of our favorite, apparently illiterate pornstars who would announce the first few awards before myself and others took over. I really hope performers in this industry look at the people who helped to continue the show and realize that when you’re representing a company or even the industry as a whole, you need to work with professionalism. I had 10 seconds notice before I had to go on stage to read the awards I read but I didn’t mock the show or the companies who were nominated and I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that anyone calling themselves a contributing member of this industry would do anything different, especially since they obviously knew far in advance what they were doing.
Lastly, Miss LaRue debuted her newest PSA entitled “Shut Your Hole” which, along with all her other ones, I totally respect. Anyone who takes time to try to remind people to keep themselves safe sexually is definitely a hero in my book, however, the video left out any information about the importance of full panel testing. As far as PSAs go, I felt like it was just treading water; saying essentially the same thing that the others have stated. I’m not 100% sure what the reason for that is. Shouldn’t a message so bent on aiding the gay and gay porn community do the absolute most it can to spread awareness? When are people going to step things up and say what I’ve been saying all along: Condoms are a shield in the war against STDs but Full Panel Testing is our biggest form of intelligence. Use all of your resources people. You shouldn’t need scare tactics or your favorite pornstar to tell you that. <3