I wanted to start by showing my excitement for our recent GayVN nomination. Twinkblood has received its third nom, this time for best sex comedy and makes us the only American twink company to be nominated for anything this year.

Next, on the coattails of our most recent DVD which is still in production, we are starting on this years horror flick and looks to be even better than last years Twinkblood and Raw. Keep your eyes out for behind the scenes and production updates. We’re bringing back some favorites, some new guys, and even a popular star who’s never worked for us before so stay tuned.

Another DVD starring myself and Mickey Drake will be also be released next week by Boycrush. Keep a look out for it and it’s trailer on Boycrushblog.com and Boycrushstore.com.

Lastly, I wanted to put my two cents in for the whole Mason Wyler thing. This is something that I and I’m sure most of the other studios have known for a while. I mean, I knew and it wasn’t even my business so I’m sure the ones affected knew. I honestly, don’t care if Mason was doing the dishonest things some of the bloggers were saying he was doing, it is NOT ok to blast a persons status over the internet. I don’t think there’s any proof anywhere that Mason was being dishonest in his dealings. I can count on more than just one hand models that I know are positive and still work with studios that don’t test. l_f39a15449ad343a89bfb39ac6ffc4055

I don’t know if they are open about their status or not, but I still wouldn’t rant about it. It’s a model’s responsibility to be responsible and tell studios if he finds he is HIV positive, even ones he’s worked for in the past. If he doesn’t it WILL come back to bite him in the end.

I just want to finish by saying that this would be much less of a problem if studios would test once a month. If you don’t trust your models to tell you if they’ve caught something then don’t shoot them until they prove they’re clean. Even if models are using condoms on set, many still fuck during shoot weeks off camera and if you think they’re being safe 100% of the time then you’re jaded, plain and simple. I know the industry is going to continue to act like condoms are a saving grace and I’m going to continue to get myself tested every month as well as the Boycrush models until they realize they’re wrong. And they will realize it because it’s just a matter of common sense.