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Starring Keith Conner, Nick Ryan, and Rad Matthews. This is the fourth plot-based movie we released following their recent DVD hits “Twinkblood” and “Raw”. Underwear Snatchers is the first release from their line, which is composed completely of bareback scenes.

The plot is loosely based on a viral Internet video from the 80’s by the same name. The original featured one man fucking two twinks who tried to steal his underwear. The boycrush version dives deeper into the story explaining what may have happened before and after the original scene as well as embellishing on the original scene itself.

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Andy Kay who wrote and edited the film says, “When I was a barely-legal gay boy closeted in an incredibly religious household I didn’t have access to magazines, gay friends, or any contact with gay culture in general. The one saving grace I did have were several free sites with incredibly old downloadable content. I used to watch a lot of 70’s and 80’s gay porn, which I downloaded and quickly deleted after watching so my parents wouldn’t find it. That film style stuck in my mind though and as I started writing scripts and music for porn films at Boycrush Studios I jumped at the opportunity to write a tribute to them. Even though many of the original scenes I’ve never been able to find again and have no idea of their origin, I view “Underwear Snatchers” as my tribute to the early gay pornographers and their films. Seeing something that sparked my interest in the gay porn world and started me on the path I’m on today become remastered in my own words is absolutely fantastic. I hope you like it!”