I really felt like I needed to get this out, so along with the wonderful PR sent out my Lucas Ent by Michael himself, I also have a few words to say.

Although I only spent a weekend with Wilfried (in person) I respected the man a lot. I followed his career after we filmed “Return to Fire Island” and communicated on rare occasions. I never saw the side of him that eventually took over, he was always pleasant and animated. I remember the relationship I noticed he had with Michael Lucas (because unless you’re a friend, you do NOT talk to the director like that ;)) and my condolences go out to him as well. He was more than a pretty face and I hate that the world did this first to his husband and then to him. I hope things change in this country soon before we have more like them, like Mr. Lucas said, this pattern needs to be broken.

P.S. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to post porn pics on a eulogy, but I posted the pictures because that’s how I want to remember him.



Dear friends,

Like so many others, I am heartbroken by the news that our beautiful friend and colleague Wilfried Knight has committed suicide. I was lucky enough to work with him many times.

Beneath his tough exterior Wilfried was, like many guys in the adult-film industry, a sensitive and intelligent man. And like many guys in the adult-film industry, he struggled to maintain his external image and his sense of self-worth.

Coming so soon after the suicides of Roman Ragazzi last year and of Arpad Miklos just last month, Wilfried’s death is deeply troubling. I am scared at what this trend suggests about the gay world. It’s not just porn stars who are killing themselves; about ten guys in my gym alone have recently committed suicide. (Wilfried’s partner, Jerry, killed himself just two weeks ago, as Wilfried wrote about here.)

But porn actors are among the highest-profile casualties of gay suicide, and are especially vulnerable in some ways. We do not have good support systems in place for people in our industry. We need to talk more about this as a community. We need to be there for each other.

To anyone in the porn world who is reading this: If you are feeling depressed, or despairing about the future, please know that you’re not alone. If you’re in trouble, call me. My phone number is 917-449-3101 and my e-mail is Michael@lucasentertainment.com. I will do whatever I can.

Life can be rough but it’s a gift and you only get it once. Your pain will pass. We have to remember that and help each other.

This pattern can’t go on. Please, let’s break it.

Michael Lucas