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Undies Undies Undies 4 Sale

So after I couldn’t close my third new underwear drawer, I decided I need to lighten the load a little. I know some of you enjoy buying models underwear so check out my scenes (or previews) on and let me know which pair of underwear you’d like. I should have essentially every pair from [...]

“Let’s Do Something Different” - The World’s Largest Ex-Gay Ministry & Conversion Therapy Advocates Close their Doors

The following is an interview by Blogger Jeff Chu with Alan Chambers, the leader of Exodus International. I don’t think think incident should be considered anything less than the most important win in the battle for gay acceptance in ten years. Maybe ten years is an overstatement, but I haven’t felt a sense of pride [...]

A Brief History of Porn

From ancient, painted Chinese pottery to Roman frescoes, mankind has been all about porn since they learned how to draw. The following video is probably not how porn started, but there have been several examples of ancient erotic art (perhaps the most ancient) from England to Germany in Paleolithic caves. [1]

An ivory statuette of a [...]

How Your Masturbation Habits Support America’s Infrastructure and You (Social and Economic Benefits of Porn and the Adult Industry)

by Andy Kay
June 10, 2013
If you read any news blog (liberal or conservative), you’ve probably seen several posts about porn’s detrimental effect on relationships, marriages, and your mind. I agree on some level, too much of anything can’t be good (however, the comments about porn hurting relationships due to the “attractiveness” of the models, I [...]

Why BDSM Participants Have Better Mental Health . . .

by Andy Kay
June 8, 2013
Break out the whips, chains, and ball gags; a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine this year showed that people who involved themselves in BDSM (acronym for “bondage and discipline,” “dominance and submission,” and “sadism and masochism”) reported higher mental health than their more vanilla peers. Despite past views [...]

The Animated Future of Porn: A 2013 Report

- by Andy Kay
June 7, 2013

In my first search for videos and websites featuring animated xxx material, about 4 results down was a website entitled, “Animated Babe Gets Fucked By Well-Endowed Green Monsters.” Now, this is probably not too surprising compared to some of the pairings these sites drum up; however, it still was pretty [...]