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Wanna know what we’re filming while we’re filming it? Wanna see behind the scenes photos and Boycrush content that doesnt go up on the site, make sure to follow us at and We’ve been updating a lot and will be sharing all our behind the scenes clips there from now on. Check it [...]

Black XXXmas Theme

The first official promo for this event is just a quick soundbite. A short track I wrote as the theme for our upcoming Black Christmas Twink porn parody “Black XXXmas.” Check it out, there will be more updates on the movie in the coming weeks as it completes it’s editing phase.

Boycrush Style - Why We Film The Way We Do

Boycrush’s Filming Style - The Method Behind the Madness
- Director Andy Kay

There’s always been a discussion amongst our fans about the way our videos are shot. For anyone who has both a Boycrush Subscription and one with a competitor, even the most inexperienced movie critic will notice that (with videos made in the last several [...]

Vintage Andy Kay

I don’t often sell things outside a Boycrush membership, however I recently got some requests to share my older homemade videos that I made when I was modeling often. I created an Xtube amateur account and you can now see my old solo videos as well as a few full legnth sex scenes with Kyler [...]