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Monsoon Season Soccer

Played a little pickup soccer with the boys today and Erynn was luckily there with her camera in hand. Check out the sidebar for more!
Featured: Phillip Ashton, Kyler Moss, Blade Woods, Anthony Evans, and me. Open them in a new tab or window to see it big.

Boxing Photoset

A fun photoset for an Olympics promo our partners are doing. Enjoy!

Andrew, Kyler, and Kyler’s Scene

I filmed one of my all-time favorite scenes last month with Andrew Austin, Kyler Ash, and Kyler Moss in a shower with a tripod camera and one in my hands. It turned out great (you can see it now at Boycrush) and I thought I’d share some of the behind the scenes clips that went [...]

My Favorite Porn Pic of My Back . . .

NEW BC Summer Movie

I’ll be giving out information on this new feature film we’ll be completing next month. Since Raw 2 we haven’t done a big movie with custom sets, etc., however that’ll change very soon. Aside from the movie we’re doing next month, I’ll also be filming a new all outdoor Baretwinks movie which will take place [...]

Mike & Ikes, of all things . . .

So I don’t know if any of you have noticed this new ad campaign that Just Born is doing with their star product, Mike and Ikes, but here’s the short version: They’re using the huge amount of politically-driven and international public discussion over gay marriage in an ad campaign in which the obviously non-existent Mike [...]