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Awards Season Has Begun . . .

Make sure to nominate, maybe for best new site? Check out this article by Erynn on the Phoenixxx Blog.

Andy and Dustin - Behind the Scenes

Funny behind the scenes clip From Andy Kay and Dustin Cooper’s upcoming scene on Boycrush and Andy Kay Tryouts 2. If I had a dollar for every time a piece of Ikea furniture breaks during a shoot . . .
Compliments of RocketTube

I’m Pretty Sure I Said This A Long Time Ago: Porn Report Findings


The latest issue of Scientific American has a surprising report asserting that pornography could actually lower the rates of sexual violence.
Digg spotted the report which, among other noteworthy assertions, finds that:
… some experts believe the consumption of pornography may actually reduce the desire to rape by offering a safe, private outlet for [...]

Message To Whichever Jealous Twink That Keeps Marking My PG Rated Youtube Videos As Innapropriate:

Two can play at that game bitch ;p

Phoenixxx BTS - Patrick and Preston

Check Out This Behind the Scenes Clip From Patrick Kennedy and Preston Ettinger’s Scene on the Phoenixxx Network for My Husband Is Gay. This isn’t these boys’ first encounter, but it’s definitely their first time on camera together. Click on the banner to the right to see this hot scene.
Compliments of RocketTube