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Cock 2 Go Radio Show - Interview

I had a great interview yesterday with Jayson from the Cock 2 Go Show about and my personal life. The show will air July 1st at 9PM EST and then again on July 6th at this web address. If you miss it, it will go into the archives on that site after the 6th.

Phoenixxx Behind the Scenes: Kelan and Preston

Here’s this week’s behind the scenes clip from starring Kelan and Preston. They get all “hostile work environment” and then fuck all over the office.
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Andy Kay Tryouts with Jacob Marteny

Here’s a little sneak preview for second Andy Kay Tryout DVD. This scene is by far my favorite out of all the ones I’ve done. Jacob Marteny is a great performer and was totally down to flip-flop in this scene. It’ll air on on September 9th.

Pheonixxx Behind the Scenes: Wesley and Dustin

These two guys played a big part in our first Phoenixxx shoot week. Both boys have big dicks and after spending most of the week around each other at our shoot house, they were very comfortable with each other in this scene. Check it out, live now on
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Jack Manly on

If you guys dont read the award winning Jack Manly Blog. You should check out his most recent post on He gave a great review and his post is very well put together. Check it out here.

DVD Trailer: Bus Stop Boys

As you can probably tell, I produced the track and did the original vocals for it. I don’t have much to say about it besides that I can’t tell if I’m going to regret making it later. Either way, the DVD’s great, Enjoy!

And if you really really really want a copy of the MP3 of [...]

Phoenixxx Behind the Scenes with Shane Frost

Check out this short interview with myself and Shane Frost after one of his scenes for Don’t miss his hot scenes that are now live on the site!

Oh, and for all you directors/cameramen

Are you jelly?

Ya, you’re jelly.

Phoenixxx Phase II

Hey guys, I know its been a while since I’ve posted. Things have been incredibly busy around here. As you may have noticed by my sidebar ad, is up and running with the first two sites already updating. There’s a “Gay Boss” themed site where the boss uses his authority to get coworkers/new employees [...]