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Scene Boys - Glamour Photos

So I started a project last year with some of the boys before we started moving in a different direction when I comes to opening new sites. Needless to say the Emo/Scene thing is very very dead. Anyway, these were probably never going to see the light of day otherwise so here’s some of the [...]

Happy Holidays

Today’s Thought

I don’t think you can become a heavy hitter in any industry without getting involved with that industry’s politics. When people think of pro-testing porn advocates, I want my name to be one of the first on their list.

I have a cause that’s worth fighting for.

Last BC Week of 2010

Another shoot week successfully completed. Keep a look out for new models and scene updates on and the Boycrush Blog. Fun stufff.

This Year’s PSA

Dewayne interviewed me on the subject of testing once again. The you can read it here. Mad props to Dewayne for his support. I’m just going to say this once just because I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of flack from it, (Anyone who tries to stir the pot a little does, I [...]

More Condom Crap

So I need to speak my mind on this subject because of how damaging it’s becoming to the gay industry’s reputation. Honestly, maybe it’s good that the gay industry is getting blamed because maybe now they’ll realize that being a condom nazi doesn’t save your rep when models still come up positive. I’m of course [...]