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Everyones at the Gayvns and I’m stuck editing all weekend, lol. Have fun guys and good luck to all the nominees!

JRL Awards Recap

Soo, I’m sure you will read and hear lots about the awards show from other blogs so I won’t say more than thanks to JRL for the nominations although we didn’t get any wins and Twinkblood’s Bareback nomination was a little off since it was definitely an all condom film. In any case, I totally [...]

JRL Weekend Trip

Heading to the JRL show in LA this weekend with a few friends for a much needed vacation. I’ll be representing Boycrush studios and our four nominations as well as Saggerz Skaterz Studios and their noms. Hit me up if you’ll be there.

Andy Kay’s Boycrush Tryouts

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this but I’ve been working on my own small line of POV movies for the realtouch. The fourth one in the series is up on the Boycrush site today and will be up on the realtouch site as soon as its encoded which sometimes takes [...]

Aaand New Hair

New Theme!

Let me know how you like it, my coding skills are getting better.
Here’s a small bonus from my new music. It’s a little nerdy, but the acapella is from some of my friends from high school who I reconnected with and promised to remix one of their tracks. Drum and Bass <3
Virgin [...]