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Halfway There . . .

So I’m going on my 13th straight day of working. We’ve filmed an exorbitant amount of content in the last couple days with no signs of stopping. Some exciting news, I once again wrote a script for another plot based movie we’re starting today. This one is especially cool because it’s not just a remake [...]

January: The Perfect Storm

January is a big month for BC and we’ll be pretty much shooting the whole month. Business is booming and it’s gonna take a lot of work to keep up. Expect to see some old and new faces in the coming updates on Boycrush and Baretwinks. Seth Serenity and Keith Conner will be out again [...]

For Mr. Washington . . .

We have a busy month ahead, lots of shoots, lots of new faces, and lots of changes for the better with Boycrush studios. Stay tuned for pics and updates! <3
Oh, and Reds the color for January.