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Crazy Crazy Updates

So first of all, I’m proud to say that I’m finally moved into the new house I’ve been try for six months to buy. My realtor said I get the award for the hardest deal of the year, but I’m content just being moved it. I”ll have better pictures later. My boss, Mr. Bryan Kenny, [...]

Boycrush Studio’s: Tales From Twink Manor

Check out this DVD, Directed by Bryan Kenny. Written and Edited by Andy Kay.

Available now at
This DVD is different from other DVDs-
You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story-
There are sexy dangers scandalous choices cum-filled adventures and only the very best of consequences. YOU must use all of your [...]


Check out this short post on featuring Twinkblood. Twinkblood is on sale now through
Mickey’s Quickies | ‘TwinkBlood’ Wraps, Lucas Blogs about Israeli Shoot, Talvin Takes a Break, More Gay Gossip
A gay porn spoof takes advantage of the vampire craze.
Posted Dec 2nd 2009 12:38PM by Mickey Skee
TwinkBlood is another porn spoof hoping to [...]