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The Truth About Sacs . . .

So I’m back in Phoenix after a marvelous six days of shooting for Thexis and a fabulous Rentboy pool party. The whole weekend way pretty great, not much more you could ask for.
I only really got pictures from the party itself as you can see. You can also probably tell what the theme for [...]

Save the Drama for Yo’ Mama

So I’ve been working my ass off getting ready for closing on my new house. I had some setbacks with my car and student loans but I’m determined to make as much money as possible before the 1st. I’ve been taking freelance jobs left and right and it’s taking up a ton of my [...]

A Little More Action

AKay Annoucement:
So today’s a day I’ve been preparing for since the end of last year. The launch of Boycrush’s sister site, Baretwinks. It’s been a long time in the making and I’ve put hours and hours of post production work on my part of it to get it up and running.
The site includes some really [...]

Movin’ On Up

So after a year and a half living in Phoenix, I finally decided to buy a house. My realtor and I went through a good month of searching before finally finding something promising in Tempe. I’m putting the down payment in today and I’m looking for some crossed fingers from all of you for [...]